The purpose of Loreto education is to prepare students to meet the challenges of life as well as develop their academic abilities. Loreto offers a Catholic Education which Liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible services. Loreto Education has a vigorous belief in the capacity and responsibility of women to contribute significantly to society and the church which underlies the emphasis in our tradition on the education of girls.

The qualities of Freedom, Justice and Sincerity are the core of Mary Ward’s spirit. In this spirit, Loreto Education believes that it is important for the students to learn about themselves, about healthy relationships, pro- social behavior and resilience. It believes in developing the emotional and social aspects of the students. It encourages self discipline and gives genuine responsibility to students, allowing risk and flexibility, allowing for the process growth and gives freedom to face and learn from mistakes. In the same spirit relationships in the school community are of mutual respect and acceptance of difference. Students are helped to develop a sense of identity and inner freedom which helps them become more capable of accepting responsibility for their lives, be courageous, compassionate and give generous service.

Students need to develop academic capacities as these are required to live in the modern competitive world where grades matter. Loreto encourages student to do their personal best to exploit their full academic potential. This belief is based on the conviction that every child is endowed with unique abilities and it is the role of the educator to help develop them. However much more than academics is needed, in order to meet the many challenges of their lives. Students must learn resilience. Studies have shown that resilience is not an inherent quality, but one that is learned. Resilience is fundamental to overcoming difficulties, facing challenges and long-term success in any field.

In Loreto, we are part of this rapidly changing culture which offers us both challenges and opportunities. For us to succeed, we require the commitment of all involved in the Education of the pupils and students in the Loreto Schools to make our ideals a reality. Mary Ward strove to educate in and for society. Her distinctive spirit is our inheritance and her message to the pupils and students today is;

“Gather for yourself in your youth a great treasure of virtues and good habits, which in old age may prove your support and your consolation”