In 2021, the Loreto Msongari wheels have been in motion to mark continuous improvement in all facets of our teaching and learning.  We have engaged in programs which provide the girls with skill-sets to deal with the challenges they will encounter both at school and beyond giving them sufficient resilience to become fully functional people.

Throughout the year, the students have been involved in many diverse and engaging learning experiences.  It has been exciting to see the growth of positive education continue in the context of learning experiences. The girls have gone on education trips to Magadi, Coldstone, Creamery, Museum, Godown Art Centre, Weather Station, Karura Forest, Multi-media University, Kenya National Library etc. The girls have enjoyed learning through these enriching encounters and experiences.

The community outreach endeavors of our students across the school continued too with generous initiatives and participation.  The girls donated cash in their various houses towards our Sister school St Teresa’s Girls to educate needy students.  This is through the Loreto helping Loreto initiative.

Many efforts were directed towards clubs and co-curricular activities.  One of the rewarding aspects of this was the victorious win in the Kenya National Drama Festivals 2016.  Our screen play (Film) entitled ‘She Got Game’ scooped the 1st Position.  Our narrative ‘Itakuwa Ngori’ was the winning screen narrative.  Our Solo verse ‘The Highest Bidder’ also emerged position 1.

The values of justice, freedom, integrity, sincerity, humility and service are our guiding stars for life.  The school can only do so much in instilling these values.  Without the support and the encouragement of the parents and the Loreto Sisters, then much would be lost.

This year my message to you girls is :  BE A SMART STUDENT

                                                             ‘Live as if you are to die tomorrow

                                                              Learn as if you are to live forever’  


/A smart student is an embodiment of what is good in an individual. She is always on top of the game.  She sets big goals and strives to achieve them. She is the epitome of responsibility, hard work, humility and self –belief.

Being smart requires perseverance, patience and the will power to withstand all setbacks and still rise up to continue with the struggle till your ultimate dream is achieved.

It is important to set yourself apart to be a smart studentBeing smart :

  • Will push you from being an average student to the top of the school
  • Will motivate you to aim to be the best doctor, engineer, business person, media personality

    or even  the best president that our country has ever seen. 

  • Will convince you that the best form of learning comes from overcoming obstacles.
  • Will give you the spirit to remain focused on your deal.
  • Will enable you to prioritize all activities taking place in your life and then focus on the most import.
  • Will convince you to listen to the inner voice that constantly reminds you that you are a special individual with special abilities and that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do.

Nothing happens by itself. It all will come to your way, once you understand that you have to make it come your way by your own exertions.  Learn TO BE SMART !

To  make sustainable impact we cannot go far if we run the relay alone. Ewe must be a team.

I wish to thank you students, parents, staff, the Loreto Sisters, Alumni and friends of Msongari for making Msongari to be what it is today.  May God bless you and Long Live Msongari!

Mrs. M. Mbugua